Subway Restaurant Discount Cards

February 25


Subway Restaurant Discount Cards

With plenty of local student traffic, Subway of Rutherford, NJ, which happens to be located right across from our office, approached us to create a plastic discount card design valid for local college students. Keeping within the Subway brand guidelines, we designed a custom student discount card, enticing the students to stop in and get 15% off.

This discount card was produced on a 20 pt plastic with rounded edges.

Complete List Of Restaurant Gift Card/Promo Card Deals

With restaurant discount cards, promotions, and gift card offers, your restaurant can make an impact on customers old and new alike. You can also add loyalty points or rewards to your restaurant’s discount program. Here are some of the restaurant deals available:

  • 2-for-1 meal – this is a great way to get people
  • Points match for every dollar spent on each purchase
  • Free meal on your 5th or 10th purchase
  • VIP Tiered discount options for Big Savings

How To Use Your Discount Card or Restaurant Gift Cards

As a restaurant owner, spending money on a physical card seems a bit ridiculous in 2023, but some people still love tangible items. Especially since most POS systems have a great rewards system built in. But, some people still carry their Costco and Sam’s Club cards like a black Amex.

So if you’re willing to make the investment in producing cards, here are a couple of recommendations for maximizing the usage.

  1. Produce an inexpensive option, like a business card, with a QR code that will lead to a website page where customers can sign up for a loyalty program.
  2. Create a gift card for top-tier VIP clients that are numbered or have a mag strip that allows them to get a discount every time they come in. But this card needs to be a very high-quality card. We did this for The Lobby of Elizabeth, NJ. This helped distinguish and reward their high-roller clients that spend big.
  3. Our clients at Paisanos Restaurant of Rutherford, NJ, created a black loyalty card that frequent customers can present and swipe every time they dine in or takeout orders. All points are accumulated and added to be redeemed within a certain time frame.

Looking for other ways to continue growing your brand? Check out our restaurant branding checklist. You will see a full list of recommendations and tools to complete your restaurant brand.

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