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QR Codes – Make Sure You Collect The Data

June 25


Coronavirus has forced restaurants to make necessary adjustments. One of which is producing outdoor dining spaces and safer environments for patrons. This includes the use of disposable menus or “contact-less” menus with the use of QR Codes.

Using QR codes is a learning curve for some, but technology has evolved, and now most smartphones come with a QR code scanner built into the camera. This now allows your patrons to come in and scan your menu.

When they scan the QR code they’re directed to menu page on your website. This should activate your data trackers and start collecting data you can use for advertising.

The data you are collecting is not their name, email, and phone number but rather their social characteristics and digital data like:

  • Birthday time-frame (Within 7 Days)
  • Social Interest
  • Content Likes
  • Page Likes

The best part about this is that the data is stored and can be used for up to 180 days. When a person re-engages with your social media account or  your website, they will continue to stay in your advertising audience. 


Once you have this data, you can now advertise any one of your services. Here are a few things we recommend you advertise for:

  1. Online Ordering and Dining Specials
  2. Catering Options
  3. Table Reservations

All of these ads will also serve as branding awareness. With the right budget, you’ll be sure to reach every person multiple times per month with various advertisements and promotions.

We hope this information helps and inspires you to take action. If you need a team to help you get this executed, we’ve done this before. CLICK HERE to see a few case studies and reports of digital advertising campaigns from some of our clients. Or you can test the QR code in our video thumbnail above!

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