Green Cola’s SEO Strategy: Fizzing Up Online Sales with Stellar Search Engine Success

May 10


When Green Cola launched its new ecommerce platform, the primary goal was clear: boost direct sales and cut down on the commissions paid to third-party retailers. Achieving this meant building a robust online presence that could attract and retain a significant number of digital customers. Their commitment to an effective SEO strategy yielded spectacular results, dramatically transforming their brand presence on Google within 120 days.

SEO For Ecommerce to Compliment Paid Ads

Even though Green Cola has a global website, we started from ground zero. Green Cola’s initial challenge was to establish a searchable presence for their new ecommerce site. The first steps in executing our standard ecommerce SEO strategy. This includes: 

  • Ecommerce keyword research tool to develop an initial list of over 400 keyword ideas
  • Analyzing and finalizing target keywords
  • Perform a technical SEO analysis 
  • Customize the page content with the proper Meta descriptions and content structure
  • Create a custom blog post content schedule for monthly distribution 

Control the Brand Keywords on search engines.

Their targeted SEO efforts soon paid off, elevating 15 key terms to rank first on Google. This milestone was crucial, as it directly improved the visibility and accessibility of the product to potential consumers. 

But the successes didn’t stop there. The scope of their achievement expanded to ranking over 40 keywords on the first page of Google. This wide net across the digital landscape ensured that potential customers searching for healthy, innovative soft drink options would find Green Cola at the top of their search results.

High-Quality Traffic to the Online Store

The tangible impact of these rankings was immediate and significant. In the same 120-day period, web traffic to the Green Cola site soared from a mere 24 sessions to an impressive 438 sessions. This dramatic increase in website traffic reflected heightened brand awareness and increased opportunities for direct sales conversions for all flavors.

Properly listing your shop on the Google Merchant portal is vital for any ecommerce SEO campaign. By properly connecting your Shopify shop to Google Merchant Center, your products will be listed on Google Shopping driving organic traffic. This allows us to increase visibility on the main search page and the shopping portal. 

Dominating the Search Engines for Green Cola Products

The overall search volume of Green Cola in search engines skyrocketed, evidenced by an astounding 680% increase in Google search impressions, climbing from 1,762 to 12,151 impressions. This exponential growth in impressions highlights how well the SEO strategies were executed, ensuring that Green Cola’s brand appeared more frequently and prominently in potential customers’ searches.

This SEO success story underscores the power of a well-crafted digital strategy. For Green Cola, investing in SEO optimized their web presence and catalyzed their sales pipeline, proving that the right digital tactics can lead to sweet success, complementing a Digital Advertising campaign.

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