El Gordo Sauces: A Taste of Tradition Meets Modern E-commerce

April 1


When the family behind El Gordo Sauces decided to share their cherished Peruvian green sauce recipe with the world, they knew they needed a digital platform that could capture both the essence of their story and the vibrancy of their product. The result is the custom-designed ecommerce website, www.elgordosauces.com, which beautifully embodies their family tradition through modern e-commerce functionality.

Customer Brand Identity Development

The journey began with a custom logo and branding that reflect the unique identity of El Gordo Sauces. The choice of a striking black and green color scheme not only captures the eye but also pays homage to the rich, verdant hues of the Peruvian green sauce that is the show’s star. This thematic coherence is a testament to the thoughtful design process tailored specifically for this family business.

Initial web design project planning

The project’s goal was to launch and sell El Gordo Peruvian Green Sauce nationwide, so the obvious choice was to select Shopify as the preferred ecommerce platform. Luckily, we keep a Shopify website designer on staff. With our in-depth knowledge of the family business, we established the following as the project goals:

  • Create a custom web design, not just a Shopify template
  • Incorporate the family story
  • Prioritize the experience on mobile devices

No Stock Photography, Authentic Images Only

High-quality images are central to the website’s appeal, showcasing the sauces in vivid detail that tempts the taste buds. A professional photographer expertly captured each image, ensuring that the product visuals are as enticing as the flavors they represent. This visual storytelling is complemented by an in-depth narrative about the family’s journey from Peru to their family restaurant chain to the kitchens of sauce lovers everywhere, making the website a shopping destination and a portal into the heart of their culinary heritage.

Collecting Data To Help Increase Conversions

Beyond aesthetics and storytelling, this ecommerce platform is equipped with sophisticated data tracking tools, such as the Facebook Pixel, TikTok Pixel, and Google Analytics. These tools are crucial for refining e-commerce advertising strategies and understanding customer behaviors, enabling El Gordo Sauces to reach a wider audience and effectively market its delectable offerings.

For more information on how collecting data helps your business and your advertising goals grow, check out this blog post.

Foundational SEO

Every website launched by our team is deployed with search engines in mind. Since this ecommerce website was built on Shopify, it was easy to update all pages with the product categories, add a meta description for each page, and structure our content properly.

Moreover, the site has launched new blog content, offering everything from recipe ideas to family stories, deepening customer engagement and enhancing search engine optimization performance.

The launch of www.elgordosauces.com is more than just the debut of a website; it’s the successful digital transformation of a family’s passion for their heritage and culinary craft into a thriving online business. This Shopify site is a perfect blend of tradition and modernity, ready to deliver the flavors of Peru right to your door.

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