the lobby.

The Lobby in Elizabeth, New Jersey is one of the best party venues in the State. Since their patrons come there to EAT. DRINK. PLAY. they needed a cool-looking menu that was durable and long-lasting.

The Lobby has great food, they showcase all of the great fights, and bring in some of the country’s best DJs and entertainers. You want a place to party, this is it.


Style and Durability

The Lobby has a massive venue that on any given Friday or Saturday night can have upwards of 500 people dancing, drinking, and having a guaranteed good time. This is why they consistently had issues with their restaurant menus. Everything from liquid spills to legibility and even highlighting their best dishes was an issue. Until we provided them with a completely new design and recommend printing the menus on plastic material. Making their menus almost indestructible.

Every Menu Has Sides

After creating launching their new menus and giving them a professional look with their own style, we were commissioned to extend the brand with multiple items.

New Branded Items

  • Owner Business Cards
  • VIP Member Card
  • Takeout Menus 
  • Happy Hour Menus
  • Specialty Menus

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