Xchange Realty – Boutique Real Estate Brand Design

May 30


While cleaning out our hard drives when moving to our new office, we came across an oldie but a goodie. This small brand project for boutique real estate brand Xchange Realty developed back in 2009. Partners Ruben Morales and Leonel Mendoza wanted a cool and abstract icon and name. And we delivered.
We created their mark to have a completely different look from other real estate companies. The mark, which is an ambigram, incorporates the letter X when seen as a whole. Within the mark, there’s also an abstract letter R when placing the middle blue diagonal bar alongside the abstract diagonal red bar to the right of it. This created a thought-out custom look for their brand that is sure to be different than the rest.

Of course every brand project starts with the logo and logo sketches.

Once approved we were able to move on and create these really cool business cards and stationery. Everything was printed in full color and the business cards had a spot gloss pattern of houses on the back side of the cards.

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