What Does Your Business Card Say About Your Brand?

October 11


You shouldn’t take your business card for granted because it identifies how others portray your business. Every detail reflects on your identity and serves as a first impression to new clients. When done properly, a business card is one of the first things potential clients reach for to contact you. Make your business card memorable so it doesn’t become overlooked and thrown away.  Thinking about the design, shape, texture of the paper, and color are simple ways to make your business card look unique and stand out from the rest.

Ways to Communicate Your Brand on Your Business Card


To make a lasting impression, use a unique design. A poorly designed business card will look amateurish, and so will your business. Having a good balance between design and content will create a clean, professional business card.


Do not add an overwhelming amount of information on your business card. Keep it simple with your company name and phone number because many first-time clients will not use an email or fax as a first-time contact.


Choose a font that is easy to read. If you use a small print where contacts have to strain to see the information, it will turn them off. Also, remember that fonts have so-called voices. Choose a font that best represents yourself or your business.


Most business cards come in standard sizes, but you can use a unique di-cut or shape to help you define your brand.


There are meanings behind colors, so make sure to choose a color that will convey your message. Since most cards have a white background, choose a different background color that will stand out. Add an image to your card at least 1/4 the size of your card to capture interest.


The quality of paper says much about your brand. Make your business card appealing to the sense of touch. Don’t ever use a cheap paper or material for your business card because it reflects badly upon you. Use paper instead of other materials so people can write reminders to call you or notes on your business card.

Print Quality

Spend some money on good quality printing. It will be money well spent in the long run. Your business card should be bold and printed on thick quality paper. Choose a local printer for your business cards. By doing so, you can work closely with designers to touch, feel and see your card before it is perfected.


Most importantly, you must make a card unique if you want your card to stand out. People will not remember you once they add your business card to their current pile if your card is not unique. Do not settle for a boring card. Your should distribute your business card with confidence.
So before getting your next set of business cards designed, ask yourself if your current business card speaks for your company. If it doesn’t portray your brand how you would like, you can speak to us at Pix-l Graphx to help you redesign your business card. Be prepared to instantly attract new clients and receive many compliments on your brand new cards.

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