Top 5 Tips for Blogger's Block

October 4


Here are the top five tips for a blogger who experience blogger’s block:

1. Write about what is new in your industry

As a niche blogger, it is essential to stay current and on top of the news in your industry. A recent product launch, industry-wide news, or controversial subject can give you an idea to write about. For instance, if a product is getting too much hype and attention, you can voice your opinion. As a result, you will have an interesting blog for your readers.

2. Write a product review

Have you purchased a product or service recently that is relevant to your blog? You are a perfect candidate to write an honest and compelling review. If the product or service gave you great benefits, find out if the company offers an affiliate program. As an affiliate, you can earn additional income. Write an honest opinion about it. Although you may discourage some potential customers from buying, you will score credibility points, which is important to your online presence in the long run.

3. Post a question

Posting a question helps to get attention. This technique engages readers and encourages them to get involved. Before you know it, a conversation has started. So, whenever you have writer’s block, post a question and watch the discussion begin!

4. Respond to another blogger’s post

Reading other bloggers’ posts is a way to stay current in the blogosphere. If you find an interesting post, write a response. Although you may disagree, it is always a good idea to let the author know about your responding blog post. As long as your writing is professional and respectful, your credibility as a blogger will be strengthened. The author will be thrilled to read it and he or she may announce it to their readers. As a result, your blog will see more traffic.

5. Create a spin-off of another blog’s post

Another way to find ideas is by reading other bloggers’ posts. You could write something opposite of what was already written. For instance, when you read a blog about five things people love about Twitter, you may write the opposite by having five things you hate about this social media. A contradictory approach will bring a breath of fresh air to your blog and is a great way to increase traffic.

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