STRATEGY FOR SOCIAL – Why you should NEVER buy your followers!

July 31


Every business owner wants to be more active on social media. However, their Social Media Marketing goals are skewed. Many are under the impression that having a large following on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram means you are running a successful social media campaign. For social media plans, this is not always the case!
Often, people decide on buying followers. If you take any advice from us, this should be it – DO NOT BUY YOUR FOLLOWERS!
Here is why you shouldn’t:

  • The point of Social Media Marketing is to spread your knowledge, humor, build relationships, and increase your customer service.
    • People will begin to follow you because they have a general interest in what you have to say – one day these followers will ideally; have a problem you can solve, they will remember a photo you posted on Facebook or instagram or a tweet you sent out on the topic and end up calling you for your services.
  • Engagement is key for your Strategy For Social.
    • If you were to pay for followers, they will not care about anything you have to say and worst of all, they won’t care about your company! This will result in a very low engagement on everything you post, ruining your company’s credibility.
  • Chance of unfollowing
    • You’re wasting your money! Of course, to see that number – 10,000 – for your followers will be amazing but it will not last for long. People can always unfollow you.

I promise buying your social media followers will not give you that instant gratification you’re seeking. The ideal outcome for Using Social is to gain an interest about your company. The following you gain organically will have a natural interest in your company resulting in a positive return on your social investment. So start adding a few minutes a day for social interaction and do it organically!

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