How To Use Social Media For Realtors : Facebook For Realtors

September 25


For some, social media for realtors is a difficult task. For the realtors using social media correctly, they are in front a new audience or, more specifically, the audience of their choice. We find a lot of realtors are using social media incorrectly, anyone can post low-quality photos of new listings but is that really doing anything for your past, present and future clients?
Developing a personal brand as a Realtor will allow people see you as the expert! It is incredibly important to start on your social media realtor branding strategy on the right foot!
Here are a few realtors that know how to use Facebook to their advantage!
1. Sharon Steele – Use of a Facebook Community Groups – “A longtime Cranford resident and Sales Associate at Coldwell Banker in Westfield.”
Why we love this real estate marketing strategy – Sharon is showing her 12k plus followers that she lives in, and knows, Cranford. If someone is new to the area with Sharon realtor tips, advice, and help in finding dream homes, they quickly know everything about Cranford and feel right at home!
2. Josh Taylor Realtor – Facebook Fan Page – “Local guy finding you a great deal on your home or getting you maximum money from your sale.”
Josh’s style of facebook real estate marketing is more than just posting photos of new listings. Utilizing beautifully taken imagery of houses he’s selling and has sold, each branded photo includes a simple but elegant logo and the wording “New listing” or ”Listing Sold”. This allows his followers to not only see amazing photos but see how successful of a realtor he is!
3. The Carolina’s Finest, Jessica Riffle Edwards & Associates – Facebook Videos
In the past few years, Facebook has devoted a lot of time into their Video and Ad Platforms and they are worth looking into. Jessica is one realtor that has made a point to include short funny and informative videos to her feed. This allows people to get a feel for her personality and build a connection to her prior to ever meeting.
So, want the “how to be a successful Facebook realtor” secret? Develop a strong realtor branding strategy and stick to it! Remember on Social Media, you are never going to master all platforms. If you take a look at the Realtors’ Social Media, we posted they do really well on Facebook but not so well on other social media. Take it one platform at a time as long as your Realtor Branding is strong, we promise you’ll gain a following!
Interested in learning more about different real estate marketing strategies? Read our Realtor Branding Strategy 101 blog post!

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