SEO Success Story: How Alivio Wellness Flourished with Google Business Listing

October 29


Alivio Wellness, a premier wellness studio dedicated to detoxification and self-care, has experienced remarkable growth thanks to a focused Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy applied to their Google Business listing. Specializing in services like colonics, lymphatic drainage, pre and post-natal care, and infrared saunas, Alivio Wellness recognized the need to stand out in a competitive wellness market. The studio’s journey from obscurity to local fame is a testament to the power of Google business profile SEO.

Alivio Wellness started from the ground up, launching its Google Business profile in July of 2021 to increase visibility in local search results. Initially, their presence was barely noticeable in the crowded wellness services market. However, by strategically implementing SEO practices tailored to their Google Business listing, the results began to show—a staggering jump from 0 to over 7,500 total searches per month, followed by a further increase to over 9,000 map views per month. This significant increase in search visibility was a major achievement which led to a stronghold on the local pack for dozens of Google search results.

The increased visibility simultaneously led to a surge in customer engagement: from zero, the studio started receiving over 50 monthly calls driven purely by organic search traffic. More importantly, the total monthly actions on their Google Business profile—which include calls, requests for directions, clicks to their website, and profile saves—shot up to over 450. Each of these actions represents a potential customer interaction, a direct opportunity for Alivio Wellness to convert interest into actual business.

A few the key components of a successful business profile include:

  • Updated business description and business hours
  • The correct primary category
  • Google Reviews – 4.5 Stars or better
  • Correct physical location and contact information

This SEO journey highlights not just the capability of Google my Business listings to transform a business’s digital presence but also underscores the importance of a well-crafted SEO strategy. Alivio Wellness’s success story with local search ranking inspires and provides a blueprint for other companies aiming to leverage digital tools to enhance their market presence, proving that the results can be genuinely transformative with the right approach.

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