How Social Media Advertising Helped Mamasushi Restaurant Drive Traffic and Get Orders!

October 12


It’s to no surprise that digital marketing has carved a crucial path in business development. Advertising for your business has never been more accessible and more affordable. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Linked In, and other social media platforms apps feature their own advertising options that we can utilize to drive almost instant traffic directly to your business.

We can create a detailed audience most likely to engage with your establishment; direct the audience to an online ordering page, reservation page, special offers, and much more. Our client, Mamasushi, ran a 120-day social campaign, and the numbers speak for themselves.

With $500 total monthly ad spend, we achieved 312,808 impressions (the number of times an ad is seen), 12,449 total clicks, 630 website visits, 210 directions to their location, and 130 calls to the restaurant. 

Our clients acknowledged and confirmed an increase in the number of people coming to the restaurant, making orders through the phone, and overall brand recognition.

How to Properly Advertise for Restaurants On Facebook and Instagram

There are a few key factors that ensured this campaign’s success.

  1. We needed to ensure the Facebook Pixel was installed correctly.
  2. The client needed to provide us with the links to the correct online ordering and table reservation platforms.
  3. The right content makes a difference. For example, the client provided us with a video that we could edit in-house into two separate pieces of content.
  4. We set up the right audiences. We used the engagement and data recorded on the Pixel and sent a new ad to all people who engaged with our ads and content throughout the entire campaign.

If you want to learn how we can help your business grow, {contact us}. We’d love to help.

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