Modern Stylish Business Cards that Get Noticed!

December 23


Exceptionally crafted modern business cards are important to any business's marketing materials. A classy, expertly designed business card can help distinguish you from your competitors and brand you into the memory of a prospective customer. Your card MUST be as creative as possible to get noticed.

Here are a few business card design features you want to focus on when getting them professionally designed.

Key Business Card Features and Design Options

Square Corners - This is historically the standard configuration for standard business cards. Each corner of the card is cut square and is the generally accepted format used by most businesses.

Rounded Corners - This chic alternative to the standard cornered business card usually comes in two radius options - 1/8 inch or 1/4 inch rounded corners. But we've also seen some custom print options go as far as a 3/8-inch round.

An added purpose for rounded edges is the prevention of bent and crooked edges. Nothing is worse than spending money on your business cards only to have the edges bent when in your pocket or in the pocket of the person you give it to.

Square Business Cards - Another option to the traditional business card is the square business card. This option is usually 2.5 inches by 2.5 inches in size. This large business card option is a fabulous way to showcase your business information in a fun and unique way.

But there is a gift and a curse with these. It's somewhat inconvenient when using and distributing these in mass. Since they're taller on one side, they'll stand out, which also makes "stand out" from the rest.

A Few More Eye-Catching Ideas

Once you've decided on your own design and the actual styling of your new fresh modern business card, you can choose the coating preferences and other sleek features. Here are a few of our favorites:

Full UV - Full UV gloss coating is applied to the entire card deepening the colors, adding luster and a more polished look to the overall card design with a shiny high gloss look.

Spot UV - If you only want a particular element of your card, such as a logo, an image, or even word art, to really stand out but don't want or need the entire card to be coated, then Spot UV coating is the way to go.

With this method, the UV coating can be applied to only the areas you want to make an impact on the card.

We've created modern business cards with a solid color on one side and only used Spot UV with a bold font, logo, or object to make something simple yet memorable.

One word of advice, we don't recommend using this on your contact info or website info. It'll be a waste. Make sure your designer gets really creative with the details.

Gold or Colored Foil - Designers love when customers want a high-end look for their business card design. This opens up the opportunity to use a higher-cost feature like colored foils. Designs using Gold, Silver, or Rainbow foils really catch the eye if used properly. We just recommend not going overboard.

Raised Foils - Like the above-mentioned option, this is just as stunning when done right. This option is a foil that is thicker and slightly raised from the card. Use it sparingly, but too much will make it look blotchy.

So, let's review! If you want a card that will grab the attention of a prospective lead or new contact, it must possess good quality design, be creative and stylish, and most importantly, be unique!

Our team has designed hundreds of business cards. Though we feel there's no such thing as a perfect business card, we can help you choose the best style, colors, and coating that best fits your brand's needs and gets your brand noticed.

After all, it's a competitive business world out there. You have to take advantage of every opportunity you can to stay one step ahead of the competition!

Some Business Card Design Inspiration

Unlike the dozens of websites showcasing modern business card designs, we prefer only to highlight our own design work. Below are some of our in-house favorites. Here you'll see business card designs with some of the custom logos we created for our clients.

How Much Does A Business Design Cost

Depending on your company size, industry, and whether this is a stand-alone service or part of a branding package, you should expect to pay anywhere from $250 to $2,000. Anything more than that to create a business card design would be unfair to any consumer.

Looking for a new business card design? Contact our team for a free consultation and estimate based on your needs.

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