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Modern Stylish Business Cards that Get Noticed!

December 23


Ramos Photography Rounded Business Cards w/ Spot UV
M. Ramos Photography. Rounded Corners Matte w/ Spot UV on logo.
An important part of any business’ marketing materials is an exceptionally crafted business card. A classy, expertly designed business card can help distinguish you from your competitors and brand you into the memory of a prospective customer. Your card MUST be as creative as possible to get noticed. Not to worry! We’re here to help by offering distinctive custom designed business cards that are stylish and modern in appearance in several different styles:
Square Corners – This is the standard configuration for the simple business card. Each corner of the card is cut square and is the generally accepted format used by most businesses.
Rounded Corners – Customers and business owners get bombarded with business cards on a daily basis. Ensure that YOUR card gets noticed by selecting rounded corners! This chic alternative to the standard square cornered business card will really wow your customers and is sure to set you apart from all the other cards in your customer’s pocket.
An added purpose for rounded edges is the prevention of bent and crocked edges. Nothing is worse than spending money on your business cards only to have the edges bent when in your pocket or in the pocket of the person you give it to.
Square Cards – Another option to the traditional business card is the square business card. Each side is perfectly square and is a fabulous way to showcase your business’ information in a fun and unique way!
Once you’ve decided on the actual style of the card now you can move along to choosing the coating preference for your card. We offer several options; these are two of our more popular coating choices:
Belkis Marketing Rounded Corner Business Cards w/ Spot UV
Belkis Marketing Full UV on one Side and Spot UV on Back Side Logo
Full UV – Full UV coating is applied to the entire card deepening the colors, adding luster and a more polished professional look to the overall card design giving it a shiny high gloss look.
Spot UV – If you only want a particular element of your card (such as a logo, an image or even word art) to really stand out but don’t want or need the entire card to be coated then Spot UV coating is the way to go. With this method the UV coating can be applied to only the areas you want to make an impact on the card.
Jessica Fornes rounded Corner Business Cards Matte
Jessica Fornes Rounded Corners 16pt Matte.
Additionally, we believe everyone has to do his or her part to protect the environment for future generations and we are committed to doing our part to promote a safer cleaner environment. That’s why our cards are printed on high quality eco-friendly 16-point card stock.
So, let’s review! If you want a card that will grab the attention of a prospective customer it needs to possess good quality design, be creative and stylish and most importantly unique (Remember: rounded or squared!)! We can help you choose the best style, colors and coating that best fits your company’s needs AND gets your business noticed. After all, it’s a competitive business world out there. You have to take advantage of every opportunity you can to stay one step ahead of the competition!

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