Leads vs Brand Awareness. How to Start an Advertising Campaign

June 25


Every time we talk to a Realtor or Mortgage Loan officer about digital advertising one of the very first questions is “how can I get leads?” or “how many leads per month will I get?

But I must admit, there were times that we took on a client and gave them what they wanted, we worked on getting leads from day one. Yes, we were successful, but the leads that came in weren’t the best leads. Mostly window shoppers and it was hard to quantify the quality of the lead.

So our team dug in and now we really hold strong and do our best to educate our clients on why brand awareness is more important the lead. Check out this quick, 3-MINUTE video for more details.

If you’re looking to start a digital advertising campaign we can provide you with a free consultation and answer all the questions you may have. Click on the link below to contact us.


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