Advice from the Pix-l Graphx Interns

November 4


Pix-l Graphx two interns offer advice for interns looking for a career in marketing and graphic design.

This year, Pix-l Graphx has two dynamic interns to work with our team of award-winning designers and marketing/advertising professionals. Our two interns, Dean and Patrick, have provided some crucial advice for interns looking for internships with a creative design agency.
Dean and Patrick are responsible for both our internal marketing including photos for our SEO content, social media photos and ad creation. For our clients, they have worked on designs including business cards, branding projects and traditional marketing pieces.
Here’s a quick bio about each of our interns and the advice they have for future Pix-l Graphx interns.

Dean Matarrese:

Hey! My name is Dean Matarrese and I studied Architecture at NJIT for two years before I decided to change majors. I also changed schools and now I’m in my final year at Rutgers. My major at Rutgers is a BFA with specialization in Graphic Design with an Art History minor. My hobbies consist of photography specifically taking pictures of all types of animals. When it comes to design, I’m in love with form and counter form and I’m also a fan of active white space.

Patrick Kosmowski:

Hi! My name is Patrick Kosmowski and I am studying Graphic Design at Montclair State University. I love creating works that look aesthetically pleasing and using different types of media in my work. I often enjoy mixing photography or even coding into my design projects. I consider myself to be a very down to earth person. I enjoy trying new foods and taking photos of friends when we explore new places. I like to listen to NPR and Hip Hop and by the way I’m also obsessed with competitive cooking shows.

Dean’s Advice:

When starting an internship pacing yourself in your work will help you make less mistakes when you start. Remember in an internship you are learning new things. As you get used to them, work will naturally balance out. Good things to learn are the keyboard shortcuts to the programs you use whether it be Adobe or Microsoft programs. Learning these will make your life easier with less clicking of the mouse! Googling as well is a great tool. If you do not know how to do something try using Google. More than likely you will find your answer right away!

Patrick’s Advice:

If I were to give advice to any students starting an Internship, it would be to stay organized and enjoy the moment. I strongly suggest working on organization as it helps you not freak out when unexpected events occur. By being organized it can help you find a file you thought you lost and an organized schedule helps accomplish all your daily tasks. Remember to enjoy the moment and take in everything because you will learn a lot. Be sure to have fun!
Now that you’ve heard from our interns, if you are looking to become an intern at Pix-l Graphx, we are always looking for rising talent so be sure to contact us online or call us at (201) 553-1200. We are interested in graphic design, marketing, advertising and web design majors.

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