How A Good Healthcare Website Design Helps a Medical Practice Convert Leads.

Healthcare website design and leads

March 15


A custom-built website is essential for medical practices looking to attract new patients and grow their businesses. A well-designed website can help establish your practice’s credibility, build trust with potential patients, and ultimately convert more leads. Here are the top 5 ways a good custom-built website can help a medical practice convert more leads.

Showcase Medical Industry Expertise

A custom-built healthcare website allows you to showcase your expertise a specific healthcare industry and highlight your unique services and treatments. This is particularly important for Lasik doctors, Chiropractors, Dentists, plastic surgeons, and other specialty doctors, as potential patients often seek providers with specialized knowledge and experience.

You can establish your practice’s credibility and build trust with potential patients by featuring your credentials, certifications, other accolades, and, most importantly, client testimonials on your website. This can ultimately convert more leads into patients.

A Modern User-Friendly Web Design

A custom-built website needs to be easy to navigate and user-friendly. Unfortunately, we still run into many outdated health care websites that are hard to navigate on mobile devices.

This is particularly important for medical professionals, as potential patients seek specific information or services. By ensuring that your website is easy to use, intuitive, and works properly on all devices, you increase conversions as users can find the information they need quickly and easily.

It needs to Function on Mobile

There is no reason why in today’s mobile-driven world, your practice shouldn’t have a halfway decent mobile-friendly medical website.

With the rise of people quickly researching every ailment, mark on their arm, or how they’re coughing, you need to make sure they can not only find you but find the answers they’re looking for from their iPhones.

A good custom-built website should be optimized for mobile devices, ensuring it loads quickly and is easy to use on smartphones, tablets, then desktops. By ensuring that your service pages and web forms are mobile-friendly, you can improve your website’s visibility and make it super easy for the user to send you their information, ultimately helping to convert more leads for your healthcare business.

Clear Call-to-Actions

A good healthcare web design should include clear calls-to-action (CTAs) that encourage potential patients to take action. Whether it’s scheduling an appointment, contacting your practice, or downloading a free resource, CTAs can help guide website visitors toward the next step in their journey.

By placing CTAs strategically throughout your website, you can improve your website’s conversion rates and encourage more leads to take action. Creating specific landing pages for each CTA can also help improve conversions. For example, we created a landing page for Columbus Lasik Vision for his $999 Per Eye Lasik procedure. It included detailed information about their services, the scheduling process, a direct link to their online booking system, and a form to capture lead information.

This page is used for search engine optimization and digital marketing. With our current digital strategy, we are still achieving great results. At the campaign’s peak, we achieved over 400 leads per month. Click here to see the featured case study on, an industry leader in SEO technology.

Personalization and Branding

Finally, as specific healthcare providers are shifting to increasing the personal brand of the lead doctors, a personalized medical website design is now the focus. So no more stock photos of a group of doctors in white lab coats. Now it’s more close-up headshots of the main doctor focusing on their specialties and then listing the other services.

If the focus is the entire practice, a good web design should be personalized to your practice and patients. By featuring real patient testimonials, showcasing your staff and facilities, and highlighting your unique approach to patient care, you can help potential patients feel more connected to your practice and more likely to choose you as their provider.

This personalization can improve your website’s conversion rates, build a loyal patient base over time, and set you apart as a healthcare provider.

In conclusion, a well-made custom-built website can help Lasik doctors, Chiropractors, Dentists, Plastic Surgeons, and other specialty doctors convert more leads into patients.

A custom-built website is an essential first step to improve your online presence and grow your medical practice. If you need a team to help you execute this, we have experience from the web design, web development, and digital marketing perspective.

Invest in content for your medical practice’s website.

The success of any good web design relies heavily on great high-quality images, relevant videos, and engaging written content. This not only elevates the brand of your practice but it also increases brand trust.

Get a Good Photographer

A good photographer is essential for any good-looking healthcare website design. Actual high-resolution images of your office, staff, and servicing areas can give potential leads an idea of the quality and style of the business.

And most importantly, get a great picture of the lead doctor doing what he does best. A really good action shot that is not a stock photo lets people know you’re serious about the quality of your work.

It’s all about Video Content

The world is getting lazier and expecting more at the same time. Most people prefer to watch a video about your business instead of reading paragraphs of text if they have the option. We recommend getting a couple of professionally made videos done for your business.

This first video is a shot of the location and doctors in action. As your potential web design agency, we would use this as the main video in the home page banner of your web design. This video would give your modern look and get website visitors hooked and engaged the second they land on your page.

The second video should be longer and include the main doctor or doctors discussing the services and what to expect when they make an appointment.

Engaging and Informative Written Content

This is important for many reasons, but a couple of primary reasons include clearly explaining your services and how you can improve their lives by servicing them. Write with big headlines and use bullet points to make it easier for those who skim websites in a rush.

The second is developing custom healthcare and medical service content for SEO purposes. This content needs to be detailed, informative, and, most importantly, answer people’s questions on search engines.

That is all for now. If you need a new website, our team has previously worked with healthcare professionals. So we have a good understanding of what is needed to have a great-looking and high-converting web design. Contact us today for FREE Consultation.

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