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We bring qualified organic traffic to your Ecommerce website from a closely targeted audience, bringing more valuable visitors and conversions to your business.

Your website is nothing without qualified traffic. Our detailed Ecommerce SEO process is result-driven, making SEO the most efficient sales channel in your marketing strategy.

At Pix-l Graphx, we not only focus on your website’s SEO, but we also improve your Ecommerce website’s performance online by enhancing its structure and working on user behavior improvements. On average, our Ecommerce SEO clients get more than 100% growth within the first year of the SEO campaign. Each Ecommercewebsite is different and needs a customized optimization strategy. We offer a tailored SEO solution that your website needs to improve its organic search performance and increase its conversion numbers.

Not just your website, we optimize your BRAND! 


Choosing the right set of keywords, and proper optimization throughout the website gives back long and stable rankings.


We help you be a winner on technical side of SEO and have a high-performance website that further helps build a solid organic search presence and consistently drive higher sales online.


We build high quality and relevant contextual links for your website, promoting the most important pages of your Ecommerce website creating an even links heatmap! Results in growing website authority online.

We are one of the most trusted Ecommerce SEO companies in New Jersey, Creating extra ordinary SEO Case studies for different Businesses across USA.

From Fortune 500 companies, Enterprise level solutions to Ecommerce, Local and Small Business we worked with a range of niches .

OurEcommerce Search Engine Optimization Process.

The process of Search Engine Optimization is customized for each Ecommerce website, as every website is different, serving a diverse audience and having different goals. Many SEO activities are required specially for a particular website, but the following is the best practice and the general Ecommerce SEO process followed at Pix-l Graphx Inc for our clients .

SEO and Business Research

As the first step of the Ecommerce SEO process, we do detailed research on what the business does, the target market and audience, the main product categories and products, what the top competitors are doing online to frame an effective SEO strategy for the SEO campaign.

Keywords Research

Based on our initial research, we identify the most suitable keywords that directly focus on driving qualified organic traffic to the website. The general terms, buyer keywords, non-buyers keywords, brand and non-band keywords, long-tail keywords that may convert information seekers into buyers.

Technical SEO Evaluation

Pacing up the optimization process with Technical SEO, the evaluation includes a detailed check of your Ecommerce website to identify the technical issues that may hinder the keywords rankings. Core Web Vitals enhancement, Re-direction and Crawl Errors, Indexing errors, basic technical SEO sanity, and more.

On-Page Optimization

Optimization of Meta Tags, Heading tags, On-Page Content, and other on-page elements to make the landing pages of the Ecommerce website SEO friendly as much as possible. The process also includes mapping the finalized set of keywords with the website's landing pages and creating new required landing pages.

Content Strategy

Content is still the KING! We identify the content gaps on your website and prepare a detailed content strategy for the landing pages, category pages, sub-category pages, product pages, blogs, or even for developing a large content section. This helps bring more authority to the website, drives additional qualified organic traffic, and helps the audience make their purchase decisions by going through the valuable content.

Off-Page SEO Aka Links Building

The links-building process starts with analyzing what the top competition websites are doing in terms of links building. By analyzing the data, we frame a custom Off-Page SEO plan for your website and create links valued by both Search Engines and End Users.

There are, of course, customized activities as per the business needs! Such as submission of the products to specific product directories etc and promoting a specific product on third party website.

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