MOrtgage unlimited.

Mortgage Unlimited believes lenders have a moral and ethical responsibility to protect the financial well-being of buyers. The mortgage industry is always evolving at a rapid pace, so Mortgage Unlimited trusts Pix-l Graphx to deliver consistent yet timely brand updates to maintain the company’s ethos that everyone is interconnected.

Sustainable lending partners Mortgage Unlimited works with home buyers to simplify the extensive, and often overwhelming, mortgage process.


Technology is at the forefront of the ever-evolving mortgage industry. Mortgage Unlimited needed a fresh look that felt current and reflected its status at the forefront of customer service innovations and belief that we are all connected.

We found the right look—again.

Pix-l Graphx initially worked with Mortgage Unlimited in 2010. A decade later, it was time to update the brand to reflect the rapidly changing Mortgage Industry. Today, mortgages are technology driven, and Mortgage Unlimited needed a new concept that felt modern and tech savvy. The Pix-l team introduced a new color scheme, fonts, and a linear concept.

Color Scheme
navy blue
lime green

Myriad Pro Light

Myriad Pro Bold

Simple, Bold & Effective.

The Pix-l team wanted to deliver a design that popped, but still felt corporate. After all, Mortgage Unlimited is a powerful lender. For a clean aesthetic, marketers selected lots of white space with small branding accents for stationery and business materials. For larger event displays and back walls, tasteful blocks of color helped bring out unique branding elements.

Marketing Management

Pix-l Graphx clients are privy to their very own online ordering portal for agents and team members. Mortgage Unlimited was no exception, and marketers built a custom ordering portal to keep business cards, stationery, and postcards ready to order.

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