Business lessons from our favorite villains

October 26


With Halloween vastly approaching, what business lessons can we learn from our favorite villains?

Halloween is closely approaching so we decided to have a little bit of fun with this blog post. We took everyone’s favorite villains and came up with business lessons they teach us about being the best in their field. Read below to see what villains everyone picked and what we can learn from each of them.

The Joker:

The Joker is the most famous of all of the Batman villains. He is unpredictable and a little bit crazy. Joker teaches us a very valuable lesson about work though. In the Dark Knight, Joker says “If you’re good at something, never do it for free.” This rings true with your work ethic. If you provide quality work and you enjoy it, you should make a living doing it. There is always someone who will do it cheaper but quality work cost money because of the time and effort spent on it. Know your own worth.

The Riddler:

The second of two villains from the Batman franchise. The Riddler only talks in riddles which causes Batman and his crew to brainstorm what the answer could be. The lesson here is that as a business, you must solve all of the problems to be successful. This involves everything from strategy, to hiring employees, to production. What do your customers want and why should they buy it from you compared to your competitor? Problem solving is important in any business and without it, you cannot be successful.


Gru is known as the “greatest villain of all time” according to the Despicable Me series. He has a lot of agility and strength that he uses to plot his greatest crimes. The one thing you will notice about Gru though is that he is good to the Minions. He knows all of their names and treats them with respect. This is a good lesson about your employee. While they probably won’t like being called “minions,” being good to them will only improve their quality of work and become brand advocates for your business. While you should always take care of your customers, you should take care of your employees first.

Darth Vader:

The Antagonist of the Stars Wars films, Darth Vader is an iconic character all on his own. In the fourth movie of the entire series, Darth Vader fights his own son in what he believes is right. The business lesson here is setting goals and being dedicated to achieving those goals. Darth Vader believes that only the best will do and when he is on a mission to achieve those goals, nothing will stop him. As a business, setting realistic goals and achieving those goals are imperative to being successful. Having a thought out business plan will help you get to those goals and break through them in order to create a viable brand.


Venom, from the Spider Man series, starts off with his first consumer, Peter Parker. After Peter gets rid of him, the next version takes over Eddie Brock and later Angelo Fortunato and Mac Gargan. What this teaches us is that as a business, your first idea may not be exactly what your customers are looking for. Customers will give you valuable feedback so that you can tweak your creation to fit the needs of your clients. For example, look at the iPhone 7. We are now more than four generations into the iPhone and they are still coming up with ways to make it better for the consumer.

Jason Vorhees:

Jason Vorhees, the villain of Friday the 13th series, tortures and murders all of the camp counselors at Crystal Lake starting in the second movie after the demise of his mother in the first one. The business lesson we can learn from Jason is to always finish the job and do it well. Finishing a product just to get it done, is never a good business practice. Creating a product or campaign for your client takes hard work and dedication and it’s important to make sure you do the job right the first time. This way, you keep a client for life and you don’t end up having to do it again due to poor quality of work.

Michael Myers:

Michael Myers is a household name when you think of villains and Halloween. But what marketing lesson does he teach us? He teaches us that when you have a new idea for a campaign or product, to take your time with planning. Michael is always seen walking after his victims while they are too busy running. While they are running, they always have a blunder and trip. We understand the excitement of a new campaign or product but it’s important to make sure that your strategy is streamlined along with your sales and marketing campaigns. How will you advertise your product? What type of ROI are you looking for? Do you need funding? Having a thought-out marketing strategy is crucial to the success of your campaign.

Final Thoughts:

As you can see, there are a lot to learn from villains. They work hard and they put all their effort into making their plans work. As a business, you should always have goals and work hard to achieve their goals. If you need help developing these goals, Pix-l Graphx can help. Contact us at (201) 553-1200 or you can visit us online at

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