5 Wowing Business Cards

May 11


During your last networking event, how many people handed you a boring 14 point glossy business card? Needless to say, a business card with a wow-factor is hard to come across. So jump on the opportunity to be “that person” with an amazing business card!
In the past year, we have designed and printed some amazing business cards. Not only are they killer conversation starters, but people keep them!
Here are our five favorite business cards:

  1. Mortgage Unlimited
    Mortgage Unlimited Business Card
    Designed with vibrant colors, an eye catching painted edge and printed 16 point cardstock finished with a soft-touch lamination. Once, you hand someone this card the texture is sure to amaze!
  2. Pix-L Graphx
    Pix-L Graphx Business Cards
    Black on Black on Black! Shiny black foil is printed on a black suede cardstock and then placed in a black envelope!
  3. MJR Photography
    MJR Photography
    Talk about nontraditional!  Measuring in at 2” x 2”, this size is sure to stand out from your boring 2” x 3.5” business card! Simplicity was in mind, when designing and the front only contains crucial information. It doesn’t end there, the real wow factor is the glistening silver foil was placed under a laser die cut of the logo in the back of this business card!
  4. Palacci Group
    Palacci Group Business Cards
    Fashionable from design to debossed! Printed on an ultra thick cardstock and designed vertically, what really makes this business card “pop” is each of the logos are debossed!
  5. Mamajuana Cafe
    Mamajuana Cafe Business Cards
    Little but loaded! Don’t let this 1.75” x 3.5” business card fool you into it’s simple; finished with a silk coating, rounded corners and spot UV applied on only the logo and curves makes this little beauty perfect for getting attention!

These business cards will avoid the trash, will yours?


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