Is Your Website ready for Spanish Consumers?

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January 27


Is Your Website ready for Spanish Consumers?

English is no longer the only language that people use to interact with websites. If you are not planning on having a Spanish version of your website, then there are some tips below explaining why you should consider this in your web development. There are over 500 million Spanish speakers in the world and more than 41 million in the USA, so getting ahead of the curve by having a website in Spanish could provide huge opportunities for your company or brand long-term.

Below are 5 reasons to have a website translated into Spanish.

On the homepage of Caliber Health Plus’ website, there is an option to click and make the entire website in Spanish.

Don’t Miss the Opportunity

As mentioned before, there are about 500 million Spanish speakers worldwide and many more people who can speak at least some level of the language. This means that if you have a product or service that is targeted to Spanish-speaking consumers, this needs to be considered.

For example, if you have an online clothing store, it would be a good idea to have a Spanish version of your website so that Spanish-speaking consumers can get accurate product information, read reviews, and clear transaction details.

It’s a Major Trust Factor for Spanish Speaking Consumers

When people are considering doing business with a company or buying its products or services, they often look at the reviews. If you have reviews of your website in English only, then some people will not consider doing business with you because they may feel uncertain about being able to communicate with you since they do not speak English well enough.

Having reviews of your site in Spanish on top of English reviews is another opportunity for customers to learn more about your product and service before making any purchases.

Grow Your Brand

In the United States alone, there are over 41 million Spanish Speaking people. Most of which Spanish is their primary language. If you are targeting US consumers, then having a website in both English and Spanish is advisable so that you can reach the maximum consumer base.

It Should Be too Much Work for Your Website Agency

If your existing site is already translated into other languages, why not consider adding Spanish? There are many benefits to having your website available in additional languages like increased traffic, better search engine rankings, and improved customer satisfaction (CSAT).

Odds are, if you have other languages, you already have the necessary tools and plugins in your web development to add another language to your website.

Provide Greater Opportunity for Latinos

Spanish-speaking Americans whose native language is Spanish still don’t feel like they have the same opportunities as English-speaking Americans. So, if you’re in the education or job training business, this market wants to learn the skills and work in specific industries. The opportunity just needs to be provided. With a website in Spanish, you could be that provider.

A live example of that is our current client, Caliber Health Plus. We created and deployed the Spanish language version on their website and executed a search engine optimization campaign to help them grow their employee roster with home health aides. 

How do you create a bilingual website?

The best way to start this process is to first hire your web developer (hopefully, that company is us) to evaluate your web design and development and create a content requirement list. Once this targeted content list is complete, a content translator will need to be contracted to review and consult with you on the details of the project.

We strongly recommend not just take the easy way out and use a software or Google translation. A professional copywriter and translator will be needed.

This Spanish language translation consultation should include:

  • Ideal customer heritage for linguistic and slang purposes – Dominican, Colombian, etc
  • The volume of the content needed
  • The tone or proper messaging

Once this content is created, the next step is to have the website content translated into Spanish and then loaded onto your website. This process can be completed in one of two ways, either by transferring over all your pages and categories or through a platform that allows for a multilingual content management system (CMS) where you can toggle between languages on each page.

If you have already established your site and it doesn’t seem cost-effective to create a new platform from scratch, then transferring pages over into Spanish may be an option.

Should we consider SEO in Spanish Language?

Short and simple, Yes! This market is searching online, but there aren’t many companies with this as a primary focus in their digital marketing strategy. So make sure you include Spanish SEO in your business website. Click here to see several more reasons why SEO would be ideal for your new Spanish Language website.

Let’s connect

If you feel you are missing an opportunity with Spanish-speaking consumers, let’s connect. We can update your business website, assist with translation, and help increase your branding with search engine optimization – all in-house.

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