12 Possible Topics for Real Estate Blogging

October 25


Topics that Realtors can blog about to help increase content on their website.

After teaching several Twitter Tips and Real Estate Blogging Classes we see that realtors just need a little push to start blogging. One of their major impediments is not knowing exactly what to write about. In this post, we selected 12 possible real estate blog topics. Each of these can be used anywhere by any realtor. Take a look below. 

  • Describe the history of a neighborhood
  • Interview a small business owner
  • Highlight a listing of the week
  • Describe the home-buying process
  • Explain loan pre-approval
  • Explain the benefits of an open house
  • Home Improvement Projects
  • Share fun things to do on weekends
  • Give Advice for first-time home buyers
  • Provide tips on places to eat
  • Provide tips on places to visit
  • Provide tips on places to shop
  • Explain how to buy a short sale
  • Explain the importance of credit repair

As a realtor, part of your job is to know everything going on in the area you service. You have enough knowledge in your head to write at least 2-3 Paragraphs for each of the aforementioned topics. When providing tips, make sure to give a set number, like we did in this article for you. You can just bullet point the tips, but it would be better if you can write a sentence or two for each. Really showcasing your experience on each topic to your potential readers.

This really isn’t a lot of work. Pick one of these Real Estate Blogging tips per month and within a year you will have 12 pages of good, meaningful, and useful content where you will showcase your expertise to potential buyers or sellers.

We know time is of an essence, so do yourself a huge favor and download the WordPress app to your phone. Anytime there is a gap in your day or you happen to finally have some time to yourself, log in and draft up a quick post. Again, this shouldn’t take you more that 20 minutes. Just make sure to have a second pair of eyes read it over.

Happy Blogging. If you find yourself stuck, contact us here at Pix-l Graphx and we can help you with your content creation!

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