We’re not creating Frankenstein; we’re creating your logo!

October 31


With Halloween approaching, we have decided to share our cringing, fangtastic, Top-Secret process for creating an award winning logo.

  1. For starters, we are enchanted with what we do!

  2. Entombing ourselves for hours, we fester on ideas for the logo design.

  3. Ognjen hand molds and creates different logo concepts.

  4. Striving to bring the best logos to life, Ognjen dissects and pieces together the parts of each glorious design.

  5. By zapping each logo with an electric blot, he turns the logos into a digital proof.

  6. At the stroke of midnight, we unleash our finest specimens.

  7. Based upon the clients’ critics, we decapitate each of the specimens that are not worthy.

  8. Left with only one specimen; we discipline him until he oozes greatness.

  9. Once complete, this little beast of a logo is enough to give you goose bumps!

During this process, we become mad scientists (especially Ognjen). We truly put our hearts and souls into creating each logo.

At the end of every logo design project, we can proudly say – “We created that behemoth of a logo!”

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