The Applebees Blondie No More. Why?!

February 7


What happened Applebee’s?! Why was this taken away from me? lol. This was one of my favorite guilty pleasures. The Applebees Blondie was the perfect dessert. The perfect blend of chilled vanilla ice cream, a hot white brownie cake with melted white chocolate and walnuts. All that on a nice hot skillet. Just remembering the sizzling sound of the ice cream as it melts its way down from the plateau and kisses the skillet makes me smile. Smh
And the worst part about this is finding this out on a cheat day. I know, I know. I sound like an obese person. But when you workout most of the week, crave that one thing that makes it all worth it and its not longer there, it frustrating and disappointing. I’ve done the research and people are saying the recipe changed and the bad reviews began to dominate the web. Here is a suggestion, GO BACK TO THE OLD RECIPE! People would tweet about it all day. “The Blondie is Back” they will tweet and the flood gates will open with tons of fatties just like me ready to chow down.
But for those of your who are weekend fat-asses like me, and enjoy an awesome dessert, here is a copy-cat recipe of the Applebee’s Blondie. Sorry Applebee’s, i’ll be back for Football Sundays and 50 cent wings when the season starts.
Click Here for the Recipe
“Sweets are my weakness . Creative thinking is my strength.”
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