A few benefits of participating in a trade show are generating new leads, building relationships with key prospects and enhancing your industry recognition! Not to mention, trade shows are the perfect way to strengthen your brand!

Absolute Home Mortgage Corps (AHMC) participates in number of different events throughout the year; including, everything from trade shows to their own social media seminars. During the mists of a rebranding project with AHMC, they were scheduled to participate in the Triple Play REALTOR® Event.

While preparing for the event, AHMC wanted the consistency of their brand to be evident. Leading up to their event, we carried out the following :

  • Coordinated with the event staff for booth space
  • Provided booth ideas – including SketchUp 3D renderings
  • Copywriting for displays
  • Design the displays for the booth and promotional items
  • MOST IMPORTANTLY, kept AHMC’s brand consistent

AHMC Cafe Barriers

Frontal View of Display

We love trade shows! If you need help planning for your next trade show, contact us at info@pixlgraphx.com

But until then, take a look at the displays we offer: www.exhibitors-handbook.com