MAG Advisors Company Logo Design

October 10


Changes within the management consulting & advisement industry are happening rapidly. In this time of change, Mag Advisors decided to update their identity by recreating a new custom logo design.
Mag Advisors wanted to be distinguishable from other consulting & advisement firms; they have broken away from the obvious. Their clients should know and recognize that Mag Advisors realizes the importance of a strong brand image as well as their internal operations.
We aspired to design a company logo design that portrays their identity as one that takes a modern and collaborative, hands-on approach to advisement. Having that in mind, we incorporated curves, soft corners and deep rich colors to their logo.
Updating a business logo design is a hefty project and many people often dismiss the great importance a logo has for a company. However, we can tell you first hand the improvement and recognition that a well designed logo project can bring for a company- if you don’t believe us ask our clients!
MAG Advisors Sketches

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