I Need More Time

April 28


The industrial revolution brought us the 40 hour work week. The 24 hour work day was split into thirds – 8 hours for work, 8 hours for recreation and 8 hours for sleep.
More time is always needed whether it’s for work, recreation or sleep, everyone wants more time (unless you’re stuck on Rikers Island). So how do we gain more time for work? It shouldn’t be through compensation, if you steal a couple hours from your sleep you won’t have the energy or motivation to actually work through a shift. Taking hours away from your recreational time shouldn’t be the way to go either since you already let your work hours spill into the recreational period (things like getting ready for work, making your food for work and driving to work etc.)
I think it comes down to setting short term goals. Plan ahead and stick to it. If you can’t finish a project don’t promise a client that you can. This will eliminate you rushing through a job to get to the next eventually weeping “I need more time!”
Anyone else have any tips?

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