Awesome Tools For New Real Estate Agents

November 15


For real estate agents, these digital tools can help you stay organized and help your clients move the buying/selling process along quicker.

The internet has completely revolutionized the way that real estate agents can sell homes for their clients. From having online 3D walkthroughs to broadcasting live from the home, we created a list of tools that are helpful for all real estate agents to use.


Matterport is a 3D tour option for homes. It allows you to view the property just by viewing it on your computer. As a realtor, if you’re looking for additional ways to show off a house besides having an “open house,” this is the way to do it.

Instagram Stories

Instagram stories feature is quickly becoming one of the best tools for real estate agents to market themselves and properties. With the next wave of new home owners being millenials, that group is one of the biggest demographics on Instagram. Used this feature to stream yourself live and post videos in 15-second clips like Snapchat. You can use this as a live broadcast to promote new listings and homes. You can also use it for live question and answers with your potential buyers or as an FAQ that many first time home buyers or sellers may have.

Hello Sign

Hello Sign is a program that allows you to collect legal signatures from clients on your computer. This means that you do not have to drive over or mail documents every time you need something and it helps speed up the process. The price of Hello Sign varies on the spending on the number of docs that you want to send.

Speaking Photo

Speaking Photo is a good tool that realtors can use for presentations. You can take a picture of the house you are selling and record your audio over it. You can use it to explain the features of the house, the neighborhood, city or anything else you think would entice your potential clients.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a great tool for file storage. You can save the file to the drive and then access it anywhere or share it with anyone. You can also update in live time or while going over the document with your client, they can edit it and track changes, etc. You can also do documents, spreadsheets and slides.


Evernote is the best way to stay organized and keep up with your clients. Evernote acts like a digital notebook and you can separate the notes so that you have a list for sellers, buyers, prospects, etc. You can also keep it on all of your devices so you will never lose your notes or forget them.

My Maps

Google’s map is the best way to keep your clients from getting lost. You can create custom maps for your potential buyers so they know exactly where they are going. You can just drop the pin and you are set to go.


CamScanner allows you to take photos of your documents from your smartphone and convert them into PDF’s. There is a free version and a paid one at $4.99 which adds extra security protection.

Virtual Staging Solutions

Using the Virtual Staging app, you can add virtual objects to a room to showcase what the property would look like when the buyer moves in. You can add items like chairs, couches and other décor. For three photos, the app cost about $225 but it would be much more expensive to do it yourself.

Mortgage Calculator

When you are working with a buyer, they should have an idea on the price range and monthly average mortgage range they can afford. A smart idea though is having a mortgage calculator on your phone so that if a home varies by a few thousand, you can accurately show your buyer an average payment. You can do it right at the property so that buyers don’t have to wait to figure out a cost.

Final Thoughts

There are a ton of resources out there available to you to help create an awesome experience for your customers. In doing so, you look more professional and more people will rely on you to handle their business.
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