An Extraordinary Week for Adwords, Pinterest, and Alcides

May 8


Who has time to catch everything? Between trying to handle crises in the office and having beautiful weather, you’re bound to miss something! Don’t fret too much; we’ll keep you updated!
3 Things You Might of Missed This Week
1. Adwords
During May 5th’s Step Inside AdWords event, Google informed the world of advancements they will be making to Adwords. These advancements will include:
– Putting a focus on mobile interactive advertisements
– Expanding Google Compare to include Mortgage!
2. Pinterest Launched Rich Pins
What is a Rich Pin? It is just like normal pins, but with real-time details like price, availability, ingredients, and reviews.
3. Alcides has been on a Work-Cation
You probably would have never known, but Al has been on a work-cation in Virginia this week! Al has been responding/returning all calls/email while making the office jealous of his amazing scenery.
That’s what you missed this week! Now, it’s time to step up your digital advertisements and social game!

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