Why You Should be Advertising on Social Media!

July 29


It’s easy, because you should. Because everyone else is doing it. Advertising on Social Media is cheap. Get people who are actually interested
All done. Have a great day.
 Just kidding, not done. Seriously, those are the main reasons. Let‘s dive in one by one and really understand why you should be advertising on social media.


you really should be advertising on social media because it’s one of the most effective ways to get the word out about your business, new promotion, or special product. Now, let’s be clear. We’re not talking about posting every day, engaging with people and fan acquisition, click here for that.
We’re simply talking about paying Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Pinterest to get your ad in front of targeted group of people who would be interested in your product. Target your amazing steak dinner to men within a 5-mile radius of your restaurant that like beer, t-bone steaks, and skirt steak. Yes, you can actually do that.  
When working with the right social media advertising team, maybe Pix-l Graphx, you can create awesome graphics, advertising videos/commercials, and landing pages that are consistent with your brand and generate possible leads. The best part of all, you can get started and launch an advertising campaign within a week.


everyone else is doing it. And, if for some ungodly reason they are not, then now is the time to strike! Being the first to start advertising on social media locally would give you a tremendous advantage over your local competitors, and maybe even larger franchise businesses that haven’t reached your region. Think about that for a second. You really do have just as much opportunity as a company that has a $10,000 monthly advertising budget. But only if you are swift and creative.


it is one of the most cost-effective ways to advertise your business. These platforms cost significantly less when compared to that of a local newspaper or magazine, radio spot, or direct mail piece. We’re not saying to completely stop all other marketing but consider reducing the budget and test social media advertising for a month. Add it to your marketing mix and really get in front of your clients in multiple ways. The results might surprise you.

And Finally,

Reporting. Now, you’ve worked with many other marketing services in the past and heard it all before. Does this ring a bell, “For just $1,200 your ad in this paper will be delivered to 1,000,000 people!” Now, though that does sound great, who is really listening to your radio ad or looking at your article in the paper. Are they in your target demographic? Did they even pay attention or read it? Or just skim over it?
All social platforms will give precise metrics of the performance of your ad campaign. So, if you’re spending $500 to advertise a new collection of clothing available at your boutique to women between 24-45, that love summer, the color pink, and are within a 5-mile radius of your business, you will be able to see how many people clicked on your ad, watched your video, and/or engaged with your ad. What newspaper ad will give you that? And if that does happen in the future, that will be very creepy.

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