tias housekeeping.

There’s a running joke in the Latino and Hispanic community that you better clean your house before family comes over. Why you ask? Because your aunt, or Tia, will judge you behind your back, or sometimes to your face, about how dirty your house is. So who better to make sure your home is spotless than a crew of meticulous women who despise a dirty home.

Everyone knows your TIA or aunt will come to your house and clean every square inch. Leaving behind only a strong scent of their preferred cleaning agent and a spotless home. With that in mind, we needed to create a stylish brand with a touch of Latin / Hispanic pop.


Fun, Vibrant, and “Clean”

The design concept for Tia’s Housekeeping includes a mix of custom design icons with eye-catching colors that give a classic feel while looking fresh.

Color Scheme
light blue

Poppins Regluar

Poppins SemiBold

Collateral Design
Web Design

Tia’s housekeeping needed a quick, mobile-ready site that makes it easy for consumers to BOOK NOW. They decided to use a third-party system for all of their bookings, so we added call-to-actions in multiple places along with branded elements throughout the website. 

Ad Design

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