national vip.

Since 2009, National VIP has been helping veteran small businesses grow and win more government contracts.

In partnership with Setroc Group, Pix-l Graphx was tasked to rebrand the 13-year-old organization, including its logo, program icons, and website.


A Clean Update

When tasked to redesign the logo, we didn’t want to stray away from its original look. So, in this case, we updated the color palette and cleaned the overall look of the original logo.

Color Scheme
dark blue
sky blue
light blue

Halyard Text Book

Halyard Display SemiBold

National VIP runs multiple programs within their organization, and we designed icons that would represent each of the programs offered.


When it came time to work on the website, we needed to do a complete overhaul and start from scratch. We had multiple meetings with the team to discuss the organization of content and their needs and wants, being that the website would be used for years to come.

Once we had everything we needed, we began wireframing and organizing all the content. Once the overall design was approved, we started moving into development. The website was custom-built in WordPress, with custom internal pages to allow the client to quickly update and manage the website with little to no web knowledge.


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