Your DNA. Your Health.

Advanced Orthomolecular Research (AOR) was looking to expand their product offering from nutraceuticals to genetics. We were tasked to create the brand for this product.


Product Research.

First, Pix-l Graphx worked with the AOR product development team to do research on the naming of this product. Our internal team worked on multiple names and had them verified with the Canadian trademarks department. MyBlueprint™ was the name finalized and agreed upon. Everyone has a blueprint, it’s the essence of who they are, it’s their DNA and we felt this was the perfect name for this product.


We wanted to keep the logo simple for this product. We decided on using Barlow as the font for the name. We also created the tagline for the product.  

Color Scheme
Pantone 2597
Pantone Cool Gray 11
Pantone 1355
light blue
Pantone 7710
LIght green
Pantone 7737
Pantone 7579

Barlow Regluar

Barlow Bold

Package Design

We worked with a press in Canada to develop the package the client wanted. The first concept is a small box which contains all the items for specimen collection. While the package was simple, we wanted to make sure that it looked and felt luxurious. The price on this product was $350 USD and we needed to make sure it popped. The package was laminated with a silk coating which gave the paper a smoother and soft feel. We then have spot gloss in a couple of elements on the box like the logo and icons to make them pop when the light reflects on the box. This package was an instant hit with AOR and their clients. We have since then developed another box with custom inserts, but they have not been produced as of now.

Printed Materials

The initial marketing piece of MyBlueprint™ was a 5” x 5” 5 fold brochure. This brochure was distributed inside the product packages and instore for customers to learn about the product. Sales sheets also followed for AOR’s sales team.


Pix-l Graphx built multiple trade show displays to spread brand awareness throughout the U.S. and Canada. The team debuted the new brand to the public at CHFA West in Canada.

Web Design

Multilingual Custom Site

With the launch of the brand we created a one page website in both French and English. The landing page consisted of buying options, full product details, video implementation and FAQs for possible consumers.

video & Motion Design

Pix-l Graphx created multiple animated videos for social media advertising as well as tradeshow videos.

social media design

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