Lozano law firm.

Immigration Family Law is a serious and complicated business. Lozano Law Firm offers an invaluable resource for families looking to legally immigrate to the U.S. Every step in the process must be executed with perfection, so Pix-l Graphx was tasked with developing a strong brand that communicates trust and respect.

Lozano Law Firm is a team of board-certified Lawyers with a can-do attitude. They required a design agency with the same mentality. Pix-l Graphx designers took charge and developed a brand in two languages. 



The ask was to “make a complicated process simple.” Like immigration law, the process of branding is anything but simple. The goal? To be both approachable and respectable. Pix-l Graphx employed its patented consistency to build a brand strategy that could appeal to both an immigrant population adapting to a new country as well as Lozano’s corporate associates and affiliates.

Color Scheme
dark blue
light blue

Open Sans Regular

Open Sans Bold

Web Design

WooCommerce Integration

What does it mean to focus on the customer experience of eCommerce? One contributing factor is how we present the product throughout the user journey from browsing to purchase. The eCommerce product listing pages and product detail pages are designed to provide context and motivation through original creative content, such as videos, trends, collection call-outs, and branded imagery.

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