Not to be confused with Pop Rocks, LavaRox is a healthier, sugar free nutraceutical for kids.

LavaRox is the first product by AOR, focusing on nutraceuticals for kids. What better way than a healthy probiotic that tastes delicious and pops in your mouth when eating it. 🙂


Lava Rox, the Candy that POPS! 

During the development of this brand, we were tasked with the overall design and work in the naming of the product. Many names were drafted, and LavaRox was the fan-favorite. When it came to the design, we wanted something that would stick out on all marketing. At the same time, a logo that seemed fun and would seem attractive to kids. We wanted to make kids fall in love with vitamins. 

Color Scheme
lavarox red

Barlow Regluar

Barlow Bold

Package Design

With the packaging of the product, we created the design for the sachet and the boxes for retail. We landed on integrating a volcano that exploded with the fruits in the product shooting out of it. Again, we wanted to make it fun and attractive for kids when walking through a store.

Collateral Design

Once the overall style was approved, we moved on to creating collateral for in-store display and internal presentations for the sales teams. We executed brochures, sales flyers, and posters to name a few.


We created custom displays for the Natural Products Expo East in Baltimore and CHFA West in Vancouver, Canada. We had even made a 3D-printed volcano with smoke coming out of it.

Web Design

Fizzy, Fun, Probiotics!

For the product launch, we created a bi-lingual 1-page website for English and French consumers. The website consisted of all product information and availability to purchase the product. In addition, a lifestyle photoshoot was done, and we even incorporated an erupting volcano on the website.

Motion Design

Various motion graphics were created for promotions, expo presentations, and online advertisements.

Social media Advertising

When it was time, we launched an online social media campaign. Our primary focus was getting this product in front of parents with kids who were into a healthy lifestyle across Facebook and Instagram. We created motion graphics, a video, and static designs for the advertising.

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