i am acceptance.

Since 2016, I Am Acceptance has been normalizing the conversation surrounding mental health.

Hakeem Rahim, a national mental illness advocate, wanted to launch a program to bring mental awareness to colleges across the country. We helped him develop the brand and website to bring his vision to life.


Badge of Honor

The concept for the brand was to create a logo displaying images of students from different ethnic backgrounds. The faces also needed to be illustrated in a way to look like a badge. So we drew multiple faces and ways to bring them all together. The logo below was the outcome.

Color Scheme
Dark blue
light blue
Lime green

Brandon Grotesque Medium

Brandon Grotesque Black


Since IAA would be traveling across the country, we created collateral for marketing across the universities. Displays for speaking events, postcards, stickers, and posters to promote the organizations and mean wellness we produced.

Web Design

This website was designed with a focus on college students. We wanted to make sure that the images reflected the demographic. Bright and bold colors were incorporated to create areas of the website that would pop. The website also consisted of tour dates, application forms for ambassadors, donations, and a blog for mental wellness content.


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