Advanced Orthomolecular Research (AOR).

Advanced Orthomolecular Research crafts evidenced-based natural and therapeutic products for discomfort management. Pix-l Graphx was tasked with creating an overall brand strategy both digitally and physically, from its online identity to labels and packaging.

Advanced Orthomolecular Research (AOR) is a 30-year-old North American company based in Calgary, Canada. In 2019, Pix-l Graphx reimagined the overall brand strategy and rebranded the entire company.


Research. Research. Research.

First, Pix-l Graphx obtained nutraceutical reports, third-party studies, and in-house research conducted by AOR. Then, marketers dissected and analyzed results to create a targeted strategy, logo, and more than 400 product labels. 


Pix-l Graphx was initially tasked with redesigning the company’s U.S. logo, as the company had a separate Canadian logo. Later on, Pix-l marketers merged both to deliver one consistent logo that retained the essence of both. Pix-l designers created a custom font with an icon interlocking hexagonal molecules and softened any harsh, pointed edges. 

Most of all, marketers needed to do away with the lengthy “Advanced Orthomolecular Research” and make the brand synonymous with “AOR” so consumers can quickly identify the brand.

Original Logo Design - 1992
USA Design
Canada Design
Color Scheme
Pantone 2597
Pantone Cool Gray 11
Pantone 1355
light blue
Pantone 7710
LIght green
Pantone 7737
Pantone 7579

Barlow Regluar

Barlow Bold

Bottle Design

The Pix-l team created not only the label design, but also a material and finish to communicate the product’s luxury. Marketers traveled to Canada and met with printers in Calgary until the result was perfected. 

Ultimately, Pix-l pivoted from a glossy label to one with a smooth, matte feel. For an element of shine, the waves and dietary icons on the logo were metallicized to catch the light. Marketers created labels for 400+ SKUs in AOR’s retail and pro lines.

Printed Materials

After nailing in the brand’s aesthetics, Pix-l Graphx began working on physical collateral including brochures, catalogs, business cards, display stands, and internal digital displays.


Pix-l Graphx built multiple trade show displays to spread brand awareness throughout the U.S. and Canada. The team debuted the new brand to the public at CHFA West in Canada.

Web Design

AOR goes Direct to Consumer

Prior to 2019, AOR was available through retail stores or online websites like Amazon and other distributors. Pix-l Graphx conducted a test to see how many users clicked off of AOR’s website onto an outside retailer. The results proved the brand needed a direct-to-consumer (DTC) presence. The Pix-l team created a custom WordPress website with Woo Commerce as the main e-commerce platform.

video & Motion Design

Pix-l Graphx created multiple animated videos for the brand and products.


For over a year, Pix-l Graphx managed AOR’s  social media advertising on Facebook and Instagram as well as Google Ads. The team created several graphics and motion graphics for existing products and new launches for eye catching, dynamic ads.

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