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Situated in Pompton Plains, New Jersey, The Legacy Castle stands as an emblem of luxury and elegance in the event venue industry. With its breathtaking architecture and lavish amenities, it has established itself as a premier destination for weddings, corporate gatherings, and other special occasions. However, to maintain its competitive edge and attract a broader audience, The Legacy Castle recognized the need to elevate its online presence through a revamped website. They sought the expertise of a professional web design company to achieve this goal.

Project Kickoff

As a leading web design company, we initiated the project by consulting with The Legacy Castle to understand their desired features and style for the new website. Together, we identified areas for improvement based on the shortcomings of their current site, emphasizing ease of editing for the client. The Legacy Castle wanted the website to reflect the elegant design elements found within the castle, with a specified color scheme of black, white, and gold tones, complemented by marble stone accents.

The primary focus was on photography to help prospective clients visualize their events at the venue. We planned multiple galleries to showcase each service and room within the castle. Given the importance of loading time for both user experience and Google rankings, we prioritized optimization in this area. Additionally, we designed clear calls to action for consultations and walk-throughs to enhance user convenience.

Design Phase

Elegant Visual Design

As a web design company, we crafted the website's design to mirror the refined aesthetics of The Legacy Castle. A sleek layout, complemented by a color palette of black, white, beige, and gold, evoked a sense of luxury synonymous with the venue's ambiance. We chose a classic serif font paired with an elegant, handwritten script font to resonate with their target audience.

Homepage Video Banner

The video banner aimed to evoke an emotional response from visitors by highlighting the beauty of The Legacy Castle through a combination of sweeping aerial shots, intimate close-ups, and cinematic transitions.

Compelling Content

Engaging copywriting was crafted by the client to highlight the unique features and amenities offered by The Legacy Castle. Captivating descriptions, testimonials, and virtual tours were included to evoke emotion and inspire visitors to envision their events at the venue.

Raves & Reviews

We integrated feedback from past brides and guests, showcasing their outstanding reputation with over 1,000 highly rated Google reviews.

Service Pages & Room Galleries

Each service and room was brought to life through high-quality photography and videos. To optimize loading time, we featured nine photos initially, with the option to view more by clicking the "Load More" button.

Development Phase

WordPress CMS

We utilized the WordPress CMS for its user-friendly interface, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients.


The website was developed to be fully responsive, allowing it to fit on any device, including mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Form Security

Forms were secured with honeypots and CAPTCHA to avoid spam and junk submissions, reducing up to 95% of unwanted entries.

Analytics and SEO Tracking

Tracking codes were set up to monitor traffic analytics and support organic search engine optimization. The Legacy Castle experienced a significant increase in traffic, with 1,800 new users through organic search.

Performance Optimization

We achieved a 92% SEO score and a 93% accessibility score out of 100 on The Legacy Castle website, thanks to speed optimization efforts.


The website was developed under compliance with W3C, ICANN, and OWASP requirements.

Animations & Interactivity

We enhanced the browsing experience with dynamic features such as animated hovers and elements that seamlessly fade in as users scroll down the page.

Social Media Integration

We added an embedded Instagram feed & links to The Legacy Castle’s social media profiles for broader engagement.

Before & After Gallery

(Click on an image to view the full design.)


As a top-tier web design company, our efforts resulted in a revamped website for The Legacy Castle that successfully elevated its online presence and aligned with its luxurious and elegant brand image. The project not only improved the user experience but also led to a substantial increase in organic traffic and engagement. The combination of stunning visual design, compelling content, and robust development ensured that The Legacy Castle maintained its competitive edge in the event venue industry.

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"The team at Pix-l Graphics made our website design project a breeze! We went from a heavily coded, not user friendly, not mobile friendly, ugly and outdated site to one that is so easy to update, beautiful to look at, and responsive across all devices. We didn’t really have a clear idea of what we were looking for at the start, and this incredible talented team helped us fill in the blanks and bring our vision to life. Thank you thank you thank you again!"

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