How Pix-l's strategic marketing initiatives boosted Capri’s digital presence.

We did it! Over 30 million impressions generated, and we surpassed our goal of increasing student enrollment. We're keeping the momentum going and continuing to make a difference for their cosmetology school. 

Customers served! 12000 Customers served!
Leads Generated
through combined digital efforts.
Customers served! 12000 Customers served!
Link Clicks
demonstrating engagement across platforms.
Customers served! 12000 Customers served!
Conversion actions
between form submissions and tracked phone call.

Client Background

Capri Cosmetology Learning Centers, with a 30-year history in New York and multiple locations, is renowned for its comprehensive training in cosmetology. 

Our Role

Pix-l Graphx was selected to oversee all facets of digital marketing for Capri Cosmetology Learning Centers. This included strategic oversight and execution of Google Ads, Social Media Ads, and SEO, as well as a critical website overhaul to modernize their online footprint and optimize lead generation.

Strategy and Execution.

Our comprehensive approach involved several key initiatives:

Market Research & Planning

Conducted in-depth market analysis to tailor our digital strategies effectively.

Website Redesign

Launched a newly designed website focused on user experience and conversion optimization to attract and engage prospective students.

Digital Marketing Campaigns

Managed and optimized Google Ads and social media advertising to maximize reach and impact.

SEO Implementation

Enhanced online visibility through targeted SEO practices, ensuring Capri’s prominence in search engine results.


The strategic marketing initiatives markedly boosted Capri’s digital presence:

Brand Visibility
Over 30 million impressions generated, significantly increasing brand awareness.
Goal Met!
Student enrollment increased in all locations, surpassing their target goal.

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