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Never Lose Your Files Again with Online File Folder®

March 3


Never lose an important file ever again! Our Online File Folder® is a browser-based application that lets you store, back up and access all your important computer files safely and securely online. As long as you have computer with an Internet connection, you can log in to view, edit and share all your files 24/7 from anywhere – at home, the office or even school!

Manage Files Your Way

Don’t worry about showing up late for an important business meeting or class presentation because you’re frantically searching for missing e-mail attachments or your lost memory stick! Online File Folder® allows you to organize your uploaded files into folders and access them anywhere. You’ll always know where your files are!
We offer you two packages to choose from to best suit your needs:
Our Economy Package offers 10 GB worth of space which is perfect for storing business reports and documents, PowerPoint presentations, spreadsheets, essays and other small sized files.
If that’s not enough space, you can purchase 100 GB of space with our Deluxe Package! It’s the perfect solution for a large company or for backing up your personal music and video collection.
Online File Folder® lets you upload any file type and size, but you cannot exceed your allowed storage space limit. To get the most out of your storage space, it allows you to compress and expand even the largest files with a simple click.

Simple & Easy to Use

Online File Folder® allows you to easily transfer files with drag ‘n drop simplicity. Back up computer files manually or on an automated schedule using File Backup. Best of all, it is PC or Mac compatible. Always have the latest version of your files wherever you log in using our improved Sync Tool. You can also directly e-mail files as attachments to others!
Online File Folder® is your easy and affordable file management solution whether you’re at home, in the office or on the road.
Read more about the Our Online File Folder® service at www.pixldomains.com

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