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Monthly Archives: October 2011

Why Using Social Media is Important for Small Businesses

Social media has become a part of the marketing landscape for some time now. This is not to say that traditional marketing does not have its place because advertising, public relations, and referrals are still an integral component. However, small businesses should consider leveraging social media as a part of your company’s marketing strategy. Facebook [...]

What Does Your Business Card Say About Your Brand?

You shouldn’t take your business card for granted because it identifies how others portray your business. Every detail reflects on your identity and serves as a first impression to new clients. When done properly, a business card is one of the first things potential clients reach for to contact you. Make your business card memorable [...]

How to Create a QR Code for Your Business

What Do QR Codes Look Like? You might wonder what those barcode-looking images are that are showing up on print ads, billboards, websites, t-shirts and cereal boxes. QR codes, or “quick response” codes, are two-dimensional versions of barcodes. Basically, they are a box filled with black and white squares and vary in complexity. With a [...]

Top 5 Tips for Blogger’s Block

Here are the top five tips for a blogger who experience blogger’s block: 1. Write about what is new in your industry As a niche blogger, it is essential to stay current and on top of the news in your industry. A recent product launch, industry-wide news, or controversial subject can give you an idea [...]